10 classic drum & bass tracks

Drum & bass began as ‘jungle music’ in Britain in the early 90s, and most, though not all of its leading exponents are still British. Despite this, and despite occasional breakthroughs like Roni Size winning the Mercury music prize in 1997, it remains largely an underground music, rarely played on daytime radio and making little impact on the charts.

I make no claims to be an expert on drum & bass. My research for this chart was conducted in my own home, without venturing into clubs to hear DJs mixing the tracks and turning up the volume and to feel the bassline pounding through my whole body. These, then, are the tracks that have most excited me. So check em out, even if you’re not a d&b fan – they’re well worth it.

10 Pendulum - Fasten your seatbelts

9 A Guy Called Gerald – Fever

8 Alex Reece – Feel The Sunshine

7 Bjork - Isobel’s lonely heart (Goldie remix)

6 Roni Size / Reprazent – Brown Paper Bag

5 Dub Science records - Dread Or Alive (Taxman remix)

4 E-Z Rollers – Walk this land

3 Big Bud – Children of Jah

2 Orange n blue – Tidal movement

1 Ed Rush and Optical – Bacteria


  1. Wot, no ‘Super Sharp Shooters’?

    • whats the song with the seal noises ? i cant find it ne where

      ne1 know

  2. and how about Valley of the shadows. this is awesome. its on my phone and psp

  3. First thing to say is fantastic blog, excellent work and lots of great music/research throughout! Have to agree with Enigma, Valley of The Shadows was an awesome and very important drum and bass tune, it should be on the list. But (imho!) THE greatest drum and bass moment that NEEDS to be listened to is on Mixmag Vol 22: Breakbeat Experiments by Doc Scott, the mixes are great anyway but especially Metropolis (Adam F) to Shadowboxing (Nasty Habits aka Doc Scott). So personally I’d put Shadowboxing up there, certainly was a pivotal tune.

    Shadowboxing: http://bit.ly/2t51kc
    Metropolis: http://bit.ly/h6j0tk

  4. Fasten your seatbelts by pendulum isn’t d&b you plank. Good call on feel the sunshine, although I’d go with the dj pulse remix. Not sure bout the others, wouldn’t rate them in the top 10, apart from brown paper bag.

  5. I applaud you trying to make the list but I don’t think most of the tracks could ever feature on a top 10. Number 1- most decent tracks don’t have videos. Number 2 – while I don’t venture into clubs these days (36 years with kids) you absolutely have to go clubbing otherwise you will never truly understand. With your interest in DnB you would love it and learn so much in general.

  6. Ps Champion Sound, Spiritual aura, Terrorist, Valley of the shadows, are the sort of thing that shud be on. Also on an intelligent tip GLR stuff – horizons, music etc. Recently I like subfocus,logistics, spor. Total science are always banging, big up ya chest!!

  7. Thanks for all your thoughts and suggestions. It’s an area of music I’m still finding out about, but you’ve made this page much more real. By the way if anyone fancies compiling their own d&b list for hosting on this site, please get in touch.

  8. Renegade Snares… ?

  9. strong lyrics….

  10. DJ Rap – Spiritual Aura

  11. This is a classic drum and bass too!

  12. No Bad Company!?

  13. Dude listen to 2 degrees by dj trend. That should be your number one. And I don’t see the chopper or wolf tune or the dillinja nitrous remix or body rock by andy c or the news at ten dubplate seriously u need to do ur reserch before making a top ten list but nice try tho still

  14. This page truly has all the info I wanted about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

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  16. I would not include Penmdulum in that list, it is too fresh to be a “classic”. Apart from that, a nice list :).

  17. Try through the loop by pendulum, maybe not a classic but a true dnb banger.

  18. Yikes, no Bukem or Source Direct?

  19. top sounds brother..but Calibre gotta be making an appearance in any D n B ‘top 10′ ( in my humble opinion )…some good shouts though…nice 1

  20. Some videos are unavailable

  21. lord bless you all and thank you for being present at this moment, you all i feel you as children and parents at the same time.. i bow down again and again respect your work. thank you

  22. […] 10 classic drum & bass tracks | Music to die for – Drum & bass began as ‘jungle music’ in Britain in the early 90s, and most, though not all of its leading exponents are still British. Despite this, and despite …… […]

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