Punk’s not dead …

July 5, 2013

July 5th 2013

… at least not if these recent releases are anything to go by. They’re chosen because I liked them, but hopefully there’s enough variety here to please a range of tastes.

Kicking it off, this is the Wellyboot Song by Glasgow’s Stramash.
Stramash – Wellyboot Song

Glasgow’s Girobabies have just released a preview of their new single, which will be launched at the Loch Lomond Boat Party on July 13th.
Girobabies – Secret Animal

You won’t hear a finer tribute to Yuri Gagarin than this.
Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies – Hey Yuri

Garage / surf / noise duo from Bordeaux who’ve just released their debut LP.
Los Dos Hermanos – Don’t Talk To Me

A punk band from sleepy County Galway.
Vamos – Plazzy Girl

IKC is Phoebe Munoz : “I’m a DIY musician who hails from the beautiful scene of Friendcore in Fresno California … I play too much ukulele.”
I Kill Cameron – Tortoise Shell Hell

My favourite punk poet from York is still churning out albums and EPs at a rate of about one a month.
Mark Wynn – I’m Mint Man Me Man Yeah Yeah

Can’t tell you anything about these guys, but this is awesome.
Haircuts – (I Don’t Wanna Be A) Haircut  TAKE 2

They’re from the Scottish Highlands and they’re “noisy, brash and fast as hell”.
Cleavers – Fuck My Life 2​.​0 (Pus Clutch)

While you catch your breath here’s an acoustic track from the Antipop roster.
Carl Moorcroft – On The Road

This folk punk combo from San Diego have just released their debut full length album – and it’s top stuff.
Bogsey and the Argonauts – Follow the Leader

And this is from the debut full length album from Iowan folk punkers The Vandon Arms.
The Vandon Arms – Streets of Gold

Debut release from Greek punks who on their facebook page  implausibly list their interests as “horse riding, golf and literature”.
Bazooka – Mr George

Fuzz pop outfit from Manchester who name the Beach Boys as an influence.
Temple Songs – Passed Caring

New band from Rochester, NY going for that 70s punk sound with big choruses.
Skirts – Mean Girl

Indiepop band from London / Brighton, not to be confused with Michigan punk band Fireworks (without the definite article).
The Fireworks – All the Things That You Said

The lead single from the 2nd album by the American garage rock band is their catchiest offering yet.
Bass Drum of Death – Crawling After You

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