music to die for

October 19, 2011

Music knows no boundaries, and neither does this site.

You’re invited to join me in exploring different kinds of music from across the globe : explosive rock alongside Celtic folk; hip hop and African rhythms; reggae and drum n bass.

All the lists here are my personal selections (though I’d be quite happy to host your own lists, following the same general format – contact me if you’d be interested in this). Obviously the lists aren’t reflective of popular opinion. They’re more respectful of critical opinion, without being a slave to this. Unless a song really blows me away, it’s unlikely to get included; though I’ve seen to it that each list is properly researched and genuinely representative of the subject genre. Each time that I research a list, I discover a whole host of great songs that I’d never heard before, so that I’m constantly expanding my musical knowledge !

Site guide

The core of the site is the lists, which you can see listed on the right hand side. The latest major list is my 66 greatest raw & raucous garage rock tunes of all time. In a few weeks time though I’ll be publishing my top 100 songs of 2011, which will be an amazing collection of music from around the world. This time for the first time I’m sharing with you before making my final list the songs which are vying for inclusion (artists A-K and L-Z). So you’ll get more time to listen to the songs, plus a chance to help me decide what should be in and what should be out of the final published list.

Lists from 2010 include my ‘100 greatest songs and ballads of the last 100 years’, an exciting and ambitious list featuring some outstanding songwriting; 40 heavy duty funk classics; and my selections of top tracks from 2010. The most popular page though remains by some distance my 50 greatest traditional blues songs.

Just as lovingly compiled, if less authoritative, are my playlists, which cover new African music and the golden age of jazz.

The podcasts page contains downloadable podcasts of recent music from Merseyside; protest music from recent years; bass heavy club music; Latin American music; and traditional blues music. The latest addition here is a podcast of rowdy folk punk music released in 2011.

For the very latest music, check out the posts on the home page. Slightly older posts are archived in the mp3 corner and Band of the month archive pages.

To keep the site reasonably uncluttered, some lists have now been moved to a separate site – just click on music to die for archive to find them.

Finally, it’s great to get reactions : please leave a comment at the bottom of the page when you’ve had a good look at one of the lists (and let me know of any links that no longer work).



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