bandcamp nuggets

November 15, 2015

These were all released on bandcamp in 2015. The one line descriptions are just to give you a bit of a guide, but don’t let them put you off. It’s all good music. Just remember your support means the world to all these guys. The albums are virtually all self-released, probably on a shoestring. If you want them to keep making records, go to bandcamp and buy the music.

anna phorra – minigolfing with tiger woods
Screamo/Post-Hardcore from Edmonton, Alberta

Arroyo Deathmatch – Finding Excuses to Be Alone
Five-piece, hardcore-and-metal-influenced experimental anarcho folk band from Albuquerque

D.B. Rouse – I Hope If We Live Through This We Learn From Our Mistakes
State of the world song from my December 14 band of the month

Jesse LeBourdais – The First Time I Screamed
Acoustic punk from Vancouver

Jordan Fox – My Faults, Your Problems
DIY emo folk from somewhere in Scotland

The Last Revel – No Compromise
Lyric driven, foot moving, folk music from Minneapolis

Mickey Rickshaw – Not my Problem Now
New Celtic punk band from Boston

Moon Bandits – We Ain’t Lazy
My February 2015 band of the month – I called them a vegan straightedge folk punk band from LA

Shambles Miller – Aaarrgghhh!
“Hello! I’m Shambles Miller, a singer/songwriter from Glasgow. I can usually be found in gig venues around Glasgow and beyond, or in the pub doing the crossword. You should still come over and say hello though, I’m probably stuck.”

Stick and Poke – Weary Traveller
From the folk punk scene in Toronto

T.C. Costello – A Gentleman of the Most Unsavory Sort
Folk punk accordionist from Greenville, South Carolina

The Vaudevillian – The Hamilton Strip
Old time music for the punk generation from Kitchener, Ontario

The Waxies – Step It Out Mary
Irish folk rock from Grand Rapids, Michigan


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