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July 1, 2017

JULY 2017

The first thing that’s got to be said is what a cracking album cover. And a very suitable one too, because subversive humour has a big part to play in Madonnatron’s music.

Unless you frequent the Windmill in Brixton, chances are that you never even knew about Madonnatron until I mentioned them just now. But things could start getting interesting for them from here. Two years ago, when Charlotte, Beth and Stefania formed the band, they could barely play an instrument between them. But they’ve worked hard, played a lot of gigs around south London, and had some valuable support from Trashmouth records. Most importantly, they’ve been writing some seriously good tunes. Earlier this year the band became a foursome with the addition of former flatmate Joannie.

Their debut album, also called Madonnatron, has just been released on iTunes and will be getting its proper launch on 29th July. It’s apparent right away that these girls know their music. I don’t know who their influences are, but I detect a bit of PJ Harvey in there, and an affinity for the gothic. They were probably laughing as they wrote these songs : it’s like they’re gently poking fun at a certain type of male rock artist who takes himself too seriously. But while some of the lyrics are a bit of a send-up, the music never descends into pastiche. Creating music that is genuinely unsettling is a difficult thing, but whether it’s a slow noirish number like Glenn Closer or the fast and fearsome garage of Mother’s Funeral Madonnatron do a good job of creating a certain mood, and that reflects the amount of different ideas that have gone into each song.

“We are playing a modest handful of festivals this summer,” they told the Indie-pendent, “and are very much looking forwards to Green Man festival in August.” They’ve also begun writing material for a second album; however “we are not one of those garage or punk bands that spend the whole time doing the same 3 chords and play for people who have listened to the same few bands all their lives, so I cannot tell you what the next album will sound like at this point. 

Madonnatron – Tron


Madonnatron – Sangue Neuf

and the obligatory creepy video :

Madonnatron – Headless Children


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