Lockdown playlist no3: Salsa

March 30, 2020

Imagine the scene : it’s New York City in the early 1970s. In this place, just a few years earlier, salsa music was born. And now a whole generation of brilliant young Latino musicians were tearing it up, creating fresh exciting horn driven dance rhythms. These performances and recordings were to become the gold standard of the new music, as it was exported from New York across the Latin world. Fania was the famous New York label which brought all these musicians together (the rival Tico label was taken over by Fania in 1974).

Fania All-Stars – Que Barbaridad feat Hector Lavoe & Ismael Miranda on vocals (Live At The Cheetah Vol 2, Fania 1972)

Ray Barretto – Quitate La Mascara (Barretto Power, Fania 1970)

Roberto Roena Y Su Apollo Sound – Consolación (Roberto Roena Y Su Apollo Sound, Fania 1970)

Willie Colón & Héctor Lavoe – Soñando Despierto (El Juicio, Fania 1972)

Ismael Miranda Con Orchestra Harlow – Abran Paso (Abran Paso!,  Fania 1971)

Tito Puente ‎– Pa’Lante (Pa’Lante! Straight!, Tico 1970)

Eddie Palmieri – Bilongo (Superimposition, Tico 1970)

Bobby Valentin – Yo Soy Abacua  (Algo Nuevo / Something New, Fania 1970)

Pacheco y El Conde – Soy El Mejor (Los Compadres, Fania 1971)

Cheo Feliciano – Pa La Gente Panameña   (Felicidades, Vaya 1973)




One comment

  1. Fabulous, joyful music. Thanks! Celia Cruz?

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