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Linda Wall lives in Wallasey, just over the water from Liverpool. She started this website in late 2007 for something to do and it’s become a labour of love. Among other things, it’s given rise to a four volume world music book, which was published in 2018. Linda is proud to be a trans woman.

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Email her at linda62@gmx.co.uk. She is also on facebook Twitter and Linkedin.



  1. Thanks for a great website! I am trying to post my songs as available for music supervisors and your lists have been helpful for me to find “sound-alikes.” Plus, it’s just a fascinating blog for fellow music-lovers!


  2. Hi Nick,
    we were told about your post today – writing to say thanks,
    great selection of songs – been listening to Andrew Lansley Rap this morning.

    all the best
    jake, james and joe
    The Sea Kings

  3. u r doing a great job for genuine music lovers.

  4. God, who is the woman in your banner?!? She is so beautiful!

  5. Hi Nick, we just wanted to drop in and say well done on this site. Really is great work, keep going pal, cheers velcroBROTHER

  6. Hello,I’m Black Hat Ron. I live in the US. I just aquired a internet radio station on the Krykey music platform. Fun House Radio
    I promote new artists and provide them with free Air Play of their original music. This is a labor of love. I am wondering if you would be interested in doing a day of the blues playing original artists as well as a well known contemporary artist that has covered the song. If you have any information that could help me this show together or would be interested in hosting the show, would you please get back to me. blackhatron0@gmail.com or Skype blackhatron1. I see your passion for blues and hope that this interest you and could lend me a hand. thanks

  7. Really happy to have stumbled across your blog, just working my way through the roots reggae list, great selection.

  8. Hi there! I like you blog and I will follow your blog. I have one too. Maybe you’ll find somthing you like. Go to: http://bluesjournal.wordpress.com/

  9. Thanks for including me in your tracks of the year 🙂

  10. Thanks for the inclusion in you top 100 tracks for 2012. Very pleased indeed to be hear. I just had a look at Vintage Radio too. Good stuff! All the best, Sharon King. x

  11. I finally reactivated folksinger.com.. I have had it hanging around my neck for 15 years.. waiting to be used..

    Perhaps you could help.. If you put a list of your favorite folk songs together, I will use your entire page in my posting.. including your links,and or adds..

    You make very good choices..

  12. Dear Nick, thank you very much for your amazing webpage…the 50 favourite african songs was extremely helpful…I am searching for all kinds of music around the world and I also have an interest in harmonies and percussion and drums…..and if you ever make a list of 50 top “world music” songs that would be great – music from all around the world…china, russia, Tibet, yes all over..I have listen to all the albums and the songs on Rolling Stones’s lists…and there are so much music missing there I think from arond the world…some of the most beautiful music I have ever listen to is some music from the middle east when it comes to harmonies…Love from the city of Tromsø in the north Norway and Christian

    • Hey Christian, I would like to suggest some Indian songs.. I know it will be completely different to you.. and perhaps you haven’t heard anything like that before.. but you mentioned you want to hear music from all over the world, so I would suggest you to hear this song with Pop music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8zlroVMYeM (Deewana tera)
      Its old song.. sung by Sonu Nigam who is a famous singer in India..
      I think you will like it. 🙂


  13. Who sang the song What Are We Doing Here in the Journeyman Documentary called Wars of the British Tea People?

  14. I JUST discovered TREASURE Here ! Woo- hoo Baby !

  15. Hi, I found your list of old funk songs and wondered if you could help me find one that I loved as a kid and can’t find anywhere. All I know are a few of the lyrics.

    I’m gonna tell you what I’m gonna do,
    I’m gonna make sweet love to you.

    It’s got horns, is from the late 60s, early 70s.

    Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    Julia Zimmerman

  16. Check out my garage band from the 1970’s. We never went anywhere, but we had alot of fun:

  17. how can i upload mine am from zimbabwe

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